Frequently Asked Questions


What does the name “HERDsay” mean?

It’s a mash-up of the word “Herd” (a crowd or mass of people) + “Hearsay” (information heard by one person, about another).

Is there a charge or fee for using the site?

No, it’s completely free. No paid premium access, no fees for extra stuff.

Why allow anonymous posting?

Online anonymity can be both a good thing and bad. It helps us be more honest (would you really comment about your supervisor if she knew it was you?) but it also lacks accountability. The bottom line is – We want to encourage people to share.

Your policy says not to be a hater. What if I have a negative experience to share?

Try to avoid judgmental phrases like “Bob is a mean person” instead, state the facts you know, like “Bob kicked my cat and stole my shoes. “ Let other readers make their own opinions of your experience.

Can I add myself to the site?

Sure, you can comment about yourself and respond to others too, just be honest and civil.

Are comments filtered?

Yes and no. We don’t have comment police reading and deleting posts. We believe in free speech and sharing. Contributions that don’t meet our TOS, however, can get automatically rubbed out.

My comment got changed. What happened?

Personal information like phone numbers and email addresses get scrubbed by the bots. Comments also get automatically formatted to match the site layout.

If I find harassing, discriminatory or hateful comments about me (or anyone), what should I do?

Send us a note immediately ( stating the URL in question, along with your contact information. We will work with you to correct the situation.

I made a mistake on one of my comments, can you correct it?

Sure, just complete the form on the contact page ( and we’ll get it fixed.

Does HERDsay sell user information or data mine?

Never. Our content and information is purely for online sharing amongst users: No hidden agenda, no creepy stuff.